Available private & shuttle transfers:

  • Transfers from a terminal (airport, port, railway/bus station) to your accommodation: hotel, resort, private address. You can also book a full roundtrip journey.
  • Transfers from your accommodation: hotel, resort, private address to a terminal: airport, port, railway/bus station. You can also book a full roundtrip journey.


  1. A person who wants to make a booking must be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit card.
  2. The booking is performed online, by filling out the necessary forms.
  3. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the service.
  4. The booking is completed and finished when our payment system accepts customer's credit card and full amount is successfully charged and received.
  5. A person who enters the details is responsible for its accuracy. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS assumes no responsibility for wrong registered details or false information. A person who enters the details for a group accepts the terms and conditions on behalf of the whole group and is responsible for the whole group.
  6. Errors in the details received which do not fit the rate such as selecting wrong town for the requested accommodation as well as selecting the wrong vehicle for the people and luggage actually travelling may result in errors, impossibilty of provision or cancellation not entitled to a refund or compensation.
  7. Errors such as wrong or incomplete flight numbers, wrong or incomplete flight dates/times and wrong or incomplete accommodation name and address may result in errors, impossibility of provision or cancellation not entitled to a refund or compensation.
  8. Any errors detected by EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS or service provider after receiving the booking request will be communicated to the customer by email. Customer compromises to send the right information prior to 48 hours to outward journey date/time as well as to pay the extra rate that new details could generate. Not answering on time to this communication may result in errors, impossibility of provision or cancellation not entitled to a refund or compensation.
  9. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS automatically accept bookings. After payment is completed, the customer receives an immediate email booking confirmation which include a voucher with all the details of the service.
  10. This voucher needs to be shown to the driver before boarding a vehicle, along with a valid document that states customer's identity administrative official (identity card, passport, driving license or similar).
  11. Every voucher contains a booking reference that must be preserved in order to check the status of the booking, amend or cancel it, and as a reference for the communication with EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS.



  1. The maximum of luggage allowed depends on the vehicle booked. Our vehicles boot usually have enough room for one suitcase per person (normal size).
  2. If there are an excess of luggage as additional suitcases, wheelchairs, pushchairs, bicycles, golf clubs, snowboards, skis, etc. it may be necessary to book a vehicle with greater capacity.


  1. Luggage allowed is one suitcase per person (normal size). If more luggage it will only be transported if there is enough room in the vehicle boot.

IMPORTANT. Any excess of luggage taken by passengers that do not fit the selected vehicle will need to be transported by the passengers using their own alternative methods. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS or providers are not covering any extra taxi/alternative costs generated for this reason.


  1. Note that for some destinations is a legal requirement that children and babies are seated in an approved seat.
  2. If the legislation of the country of transfer requires it, it is mandatory to indicate the number of children and babies during the booking process and that select the corresponding seats in the extras screen. Passengers can also take their own special seats.
  3. In case that, during the booking process, you have not declared the presence of children or babies who need seats approved, the driver reserves the right not let the minors travel without their homologated seats.
  4. We try to ensure the presence of the special seats required, but in some cases, providers are not be able to provide them for logistical reasons and on fly changes to drivers schedules. If passengers are not willing to let their children or babies traveling without special seat, will need to bring their own approved seats.
  5. Every children and babies is considered and included in the total number of passengers. For example, for a group of 3 adults, a child and a baby, you have to book a vehicle that is capable of at least five passengeres.
  6. People who have special needs such as the ones traveling with their own wheelchair are required to specify in the booking form and choose the right vehicle with enough room for all the luggage, including the wheelchair.



Customer may request the modification of those details of an active booking that do not entail a change of the rate by contacting EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS via the contact form at the website. To consider the following conditions:

  1. Modifications under 48 hours to booking date/time are not allowed so any modification request received under this deadline will not be considered and no further complaints will be accepted for this reason.
  2. For any modifications that entail a change of the rate already paid, customer must perform a new booking.


Customer may request the cancellation of an active booking by contacting EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS via the contact form at the website. To consider the following conditions:

  1. Cancellation requests received under 7 days to booking scheduled date/time will not be entitled to a refund.
  2. Cancellation requests received over 7 days to booking scheduled date/time will be entitled to a full refund except the bank administrative costs of the credit card refund and a management cost of 10 EUR.
  3. Cancelled or diverted flights are not entitled to a refund if you do not request for it over 48 hours to booking date/time.
  4. Cancelled or diverted flights under 48 hours will be considered as a service provided and customer will not be entitled to request an additional service if finally arrives to the airport on their own way at a different time than originally scheduled.
  5. Missing flights by passengers will be considered as a service provided and customer will not be entitled to request an additional service if finally arrives to the airport in an alternative flight or transportation at a different time than originally scheduled.


All vehicles used for transfers are properly inspected and guaranteed in accordance with the laws of the country where the service is provided.

Compulsory insurance for passengers is included in the price of the transfer.

Passengers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, will not be allowed to access the vehicle and will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

The passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of the driver, rest of passengers or other road users, will not be allowed access to the vehicle, or eventually, could be banned from it.

Smoking, consumption of food and beverages, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy are water and bottled soft drinks.


  1. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS compromises, in the name of its providers, to the services to be provided responsibly and professionally, in accordance with the laws.
  2. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS can have their rights and obligations partially or fully transferred to third persons or entities, according to their own choice and without notice.
  3. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS is not responsible for delays in the arrival or output due to unforeseeable circumstances such as traffic crowds, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires and so on (force majeure), and is not obliged to indemnify passengers.
  4. If you have any problems finding the local supplier please call the emergency phone number indicated on the voucher confirmation. It is possible that he also is trying to find you.
  5. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS can not guarantee accurate travel time service. All information on travel times are just an estimate. Customers who continue to travel by other ways of transport should schedule their journey with enough time between the end of the transfer and the departure time of the next connection.
  6. In case the selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason, EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS or its providers can provide the transfer using another vehicle with similar or better features.
  7. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS can receive payment for transfers. No one has the right to charge or try to change the terms of transfer to EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS name, except when specifically defined.


In the event that a booked service has not been provided, in whole or in part due to EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS or a provider’s fault, EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS is obliged to repay the amount paid partially or in full..

The client is required to obtain and present evidence in support of the complaint.

Complaints must be filled via the contact form at the website, within 7 days from booking date/time. Unsubstantiated complaints, or after 7 days from the booking date/time will not be considered.

EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS undertakes to consider all complaints received on the agreed times and make a decision within 30 days after the complaint is received.

If after a resolution, a customer is entitled to a refund, this will be communicated to customer and EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS will refund the amount within 30 days from the resolution date.

Maximum amount to be refunded is the total cost of the booking. EXPRESS HOLIDAY TRANSFERS is never covering any alternative costs or transportations that you may use.

All topics will endeavor to resolve by an agreement out of court.


I have read, understand and fully agree to accept the terms and conditions of service and I confirm it by selecting the corresponding option in the booking screen.


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