What type of transfers can I book?

We offer various types of private and shuttle transfers type:

• Transfers from a terminal (airport, port, station) to a resort, hotel or private address you choose. You can choose to book the transfer back to the terminal for the date you need it.

• Transfers from resort, hotel or private address to the terminal (airport, port, station). You can choose to book the transfer back to the resort for the date you need it.


I need help! I can not find the route I need to book

If the route you are looking for is not available, please send an email to our team will try to offer the service you need.


I want to book transfers for 3 people on the going and 5 people on the return. How can I do it?

In this case, you have to make a one way booking for the going transfer and a different one for the return transfer. This way you can always choose the right vehicle for the number of people traveling.


How do I pay for the transfer?

Payment is performed at the end of the booking process. We have two payment options:

• VISA Debit / Credit, MasterCard and Maestro.

• PayPal.


I'm having trouble making payments. How can I pay?

If the card is rejected several times you will have to contact your bank (you may have your card not activated for online payments) or use a different credit card. We recommend using credit cards with associated security codes and passwords.

You can also pay your booking using PayPal platform.


Is it safe to pay by credit card on this website?

Payment is fully performed at the end of the booking process. We have a fully secure and verified system that takes you to the platform of our bank, so the payment operation is performed in the web of our bank, which is a top-secured and protected environment.



Can I book a shuttle to my villa?

Shuttle transfers are not available to or from private addresses, but you can choose the most convenient hotel or shuttle stop available to be dropped of or picked up.

We recommend that you book a private transfer which will leave you at the door of your destination.


I need you to pick me up from a different town / resort. How can I do it?

If you want to book for different towns/resorts for the drop off and the pick up, you need to book two one way transfers separately.


Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

In private transfers it is possible if all the stops are in the same resort. If it is a different resort, then you have to make separate bookings.

In shuttle transfers, we have established several common stopping places (usually hotels).


I want to book a transfer but some people I’m traveling with, are arriving in a different flight. How can I book?

Please book with the details of the flight landing in last place so we can ensure that all the other passengers are already at the airport for the scheduled time on the booking. This way we avoid long waits to our drivers and vehicles can be uses in other services.


Can I book a transfer that stops so I can collect the keys of the apartment or villa?

Please write it down in the comments during booking and contact us at indicating your reservation number. It is usually possible if it is a quick stop and without significant deviations.


Can I book a one way airport transfer?

Please enter the origin and destination of your transfer and make sure the option “round trip“ is unchecked. Then you have to add the flight details (flight number and scheduled time of departure) and the system will automatically indicate the pick up time at the indicated hotel / private address.


Can I book a one-way transfer to the airport without having to fly?

Please enter the origin and destination of your transfer and make sure the option “Round trip“ is unchecked. Then you have to add the flight details (flight number and estimated time of departure) and the system will automatically indicate the pick up time at the indicated hotel / private address.

If you need a different pickup time, please contact us at when you have finished your book and note your booking number and time of collection you prefer. We will amend it for you and send you updated voucher with the new pickup time.


Do I have to confirm the pick up at the airport?

The driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate of the terminal. It is not necessary to confirm the transfer before arrival.

If you have a significant delay on your flight, you will need to communicate us so we can advise the local supplier about the new arrival time and they can modify their schedule and be waiting for you at your new arrival time.


I made a "one way" private booking to the airport. How do I know the pick up time?

During the booking process, the system asks you to enter details of the flight (flight number and scheduled time of departure) and the system will automatically indicate the pick up time at the indicated hotel / private address.

If there is a change in your flight and you need a different pickup time, please contact us at and indicate your booking ref and the new time of flight or the new pickup time you prefer. We will amend it for you and send you updated voucher with the new pickup time.


Do I have to check my reservation with you once you've sent me the booking confirmation?

No need to check with us if you have received the voucher with your booking confirmation.


How do I know if my reservation has been made successfully?

Once you have finished your booking and payment is done, you will automatically receive your booking confirmation email, confirming that the payment is done and including all the details for your transfers.

You will also receive detailed instructions about what to do when you get to the terminal or how reconfirm the return transfer. If after a few minutes you have not received the email, please check you entered the correct email address and please also check your spam box. Please make sure the booking has not been performed before retrying booking so we can avoid duplication.

It is your responsibility to take the necessary measures to avoid duplicates as consult with your bank to check if the payment was made.


I have not received the booking confirmation. How can I get it?

After the payment is succesfully completed, you will receive an email with your voucher and instructions.  Please realize it could have been directed to your spam box.

If have not received after some minutes please email us at and indicate your booking ref. so we can verify that it is properly done and if so we will send it again.


Do I need a travel document?

It is essential that you take your transfer booking voucher. Please ensure to take a passport or any ID document.

You must show it to the person that welcomes you at the terminal. It is convenient to have two copies as it is possible that the driver needs to collect the voucher as proof of the service performing.


What should I know about bookings that include children and babies?

Note that for some destinations is a legal requirement that children and babies sit in special seats.

If the legislation of the country where you booked the transfer requires it, it is mandatory to indicate the number of children and babies during the booking process and choose the special seats at the options screen. You can also travel with your own special seats.

In the event that you have not declared the presence of children or babies who need special seats and selected them during the booking process, the driver reserves the right to not provide a transfer with minors not using homologated seats.

We try to ensure the presence of approved special seats, but in some cases not be able to provide them for logistical reasons. If you are not willing to have your children or babies traveling without special seat, please be sure to bring your own ones.

Any children and babies use a seat in the car so they must be included in the total number of passengers. For example, for a group of 3 adults, a child and a baby, you have to reserve a vehicle that is capable of at least 5 people.


Can I include a children booster in the booking?

You can select these seats during the booking process. Depending on the place of transfer, is a supplement that may have to pay directly to the supplier, we will not make any charges for this. If you need to know if the provider will make you a fee for the homologated seats, please contact us at and we will confirm the amount.


How much luggage can I take?

On private transfers the luggage you can carry depends on the vehicle you have booked. All the vehicles have enough enough room for one suitcase per person on a medium size.

If you have excess luggage and other bags, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, golf clubs, snowboards, skis, etc. you may need to choose a bigger vehicle. You can contact us at so we can help you choose the right vehicle for the luggage you're taking.

In shuttle transfers, baggage is limited to one case per person and a handbag traveling with the customer in his seat (smaller than hand luggage you can take into the cabin in an aircraft). If you have extra luggage will only be taken if there is available room in the boot of the vehicle.


I have to change the name of the person traveling with me. How does this work?

We just need a name of the person performing the booking and the payment and will use that name to welcome you at the terminal or pick you up at your resort.


How long is the journey?

The time displayed on our website is estimated and is based on information provided by the supplier. These times may vary according to the conditions of local roads, traffic volumes, local festivals, etc.

Shuttle transfers usually involve multiple stops, so travel time will be longer than indicated.

Please note: the driver could make a mandatory rest stop in the case of long journeys.


Where is the pick up and drop off of my transfer?

We strive to offer you a service door to door, however, this is not always possible because the access can be limited to only pedestrian areas or closures of local roads. When there are these restrictions, the transfer will always try to pick you up or drop you off at the nearest possible place.


What do I have to do when my plane lands?

Once you've landed please go immediately to the meeting area with the driver / local provider (usually the arrivals gate). Please follow the instructions that you have in your booking confirmation voucher.

If you have any problems with your luggage or visa, please try to warn the driver / local provider. If you haven’t met or advised after 60 minutes from the arrival of your flight the driver could leave the airport and you could lose your transfer.

If you experience any difficults finding the driver please call the emergency phone number indicated on the voucher confirmation. It is possible that the driver is also trying to find you.

Do not leave the airport. If you use other transportation without informing you can not find the drive then you may not have the right to complaint about your transfer.


How long do I have to wait at the airport until the start of the journey?

In private transfers, after you meet the driver / local provider, you will be escorted to the vehicle and will start the journey.

Shuttle transfers are established with the scheduled arrival of flights. Only available on certain flights. During the booking you are told that flights can choose, with their estimated time of arrival, so you can see if it suits your needs.

The journey starts once we have received all customers.

You have a maximum time of 45 minutes to meet the driver after your flight lands. Please do not delay collecting your luggage, keep in mind that there may be other passengers waiting for you.


What if my flight is canceled or delayed?

If your flight is canceled, or suffers a long delay, it is important that you call or email at the contacts indicated on your voucher.

This is to avoid the driver moves to the starting point of transfer, which may generate extra costs.

If your flight is canceled and you travel on another flight, you must inform us in advance so we can modify your booking, otherwise you may lose your bookinh.

Please note that we can not be responsible for the additional costs of delays or flight cancellations.

If your return flight undergoes a change while you are on holiday, please contact us to report the changes and return to confirm the pick up time.

We can not be responsible for expenses incurred due to a flight delay or loss of flight connections resulting from poor weather conditions, road conditions or other factors beyond our control.


I changed my hotel, how do I communicate?

If it is more 48 hours for the start of the journey, please contact us at indicating your booking number and the amendment.

If the new hotel is in the same resort / population, we will modify it for you and you will not have additional charges but if you are change it for another resort or town it is possible you have extra charges.

If it is less than 24 hours for the start of the journey, please also contact us at the indicated phone numbers.


How can I change my transfer booking?

If you need to change some details of your booking that do not alter the rate (date / time or place different collection on the same town), please contact us at with at least 48 hours stating your number at and inform the amendments you need. We will send an updated voucher at no additional cost.

For other changes (transportation, vehicle, extras, etc.) have to make a new booking.


How do I know the time and collection point for my departure transfer from the accommodation to the terminal?

In shuttle transfers, time and place of your collection will be communicated via email between 36 and 18 hours before your flight scheduled departure. Just in case you did not receive your pick up time in the given period, contact us on our helpline respecting the times indicated.

In private transfers. During the booking process, the system needs necessarily flight number and scheduled time of departure of the flight to automatically generate pick up time for the start of your journey which will be included on your voucher.

If have a change in your flight and you need a different pickup time, please contact us at and indicate your reservation number and the new time of flight or the new pickup time you prefer. The we modify for you and send you updated with the new pickup time reservation.


I have missed the flight. Can I still use my transfers?

If you communicate as early as possible and the driver has not yet gone to the airport, you may be able to reschedule your transfer when you get on another flight (note that is not guaranteed, and you may have to wait or book a new transfer).

You can usually use the return transfer you had booked. If you need to make any changes, please contact us at


What should I do if I lose something on the journey?

In case you forget any of your belongings in the transfer from the airport to the resort, please contact us. If we can find your lost object we will try to arrange the driver to get them back to you in the return transfer.

If you've forgotten something in the transfer from resort to the airport, please contact us and will try to locate and can organize the way you can recover.

Unfortunately we can not be responsible for lost items that can not be found.


My transfer to travel to the terminal has not come! What I can do?

According to the instructions of the booking confirmation voucher, you have to wait up to 10 minutes after the pick up time before calling us as it may be delays due to traffic or delays in collecting other passengers (in the case of shuttle services).

It is important that you call us in order to give us the opportunity to help you. If this can not solve the problem at a right time, it is your responsibility to ensure you arrive on time at the terminal through other alternatives.

We can not accept to take any responsibility for the expenses incurred in case you miss the flight. If use any alternative, please be sure to get an official receipt for the additional costs of your alternative transfer to later request a refund.

Please send the receipt to indicating your booking number so that we can study the problem and be redeemed. Please note that the return of this amount can not be guaranteed.

If after investigation, it is determined that it was our mistake or the supplier, then we will refund the taxi fare in full. Note that we can not refund the additional costs if you can not give us an official receipt.


How do I know the type of vehicle that will have for my transfer?

We can not tell you the specific model of vehicles as they may vary depending on our suppliers. We have different kinds: sedan/saloon, minivan, minibus, minicoach, coach, …

If you've booked a shuttle transfer, it will generally be a minibus. Sometimes our suppliers do not have enough bookings so it is possible to use a smaller vehicle like minivan or saloon.

If you've booked a private transfer, the vehicle is usually a sedan car or a minivan. For reasons of availability it is possible that another type of vehicle greater capacity is used, but always private.


Which hotels does shuttle bus stop at?

Our shuttle services stops in the hotels or main places of resort or town you have booked for your transfer. Because of possible local road conditions (if they are too narrow for large vehicles used as transport service) sometimes a door to door transfer may not be possible. When these restrictions occur, the vehicle will stop for pick up or drop off passengers at the nearest possible place.


Can I use a shuttle transfer to take me to the bus station?

Our shuttle services are provided only for routes with high passenger volume. If you do not find a shuttle option ont he route you are searching, you need to book a private transfer service.


What is the route / timetable for the shuttle transfers?

Shuttle transfers are scheduled in relation of the received bookings for flights in which this service is available. These transfers will only stop at the hotels or main places of the towns / resorts to drop off or pick up passengers.

Timetables are not available as these are not regular transport lines.


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