1. Please enter the start point of your transfer, the system will show the options available through auto search of the available locations.

2. Please enter the destination point of your transfer, the system will show the options available through auto search of all the places you can go from the selected start.

3. Then indicate if you need a one-way or a roundtrip transfer.

4. Set the dates and local times of your flights.

5. Click 'Find' button and will get all the available options for the route with their prices and features. Click ‘Book now’ to choose the right vehicle considering the number of passengers and the luggage you are taking. If shuttle is available, you will find a list of the flights it is scheduled for.

6. Choose the optional extras (important to select baby seats and children boosters necessary as legal requirements of country where journeys are made).

7. Then choose between a Quick booking or Register as a user on our website.

a. Quick booking: Complete the fields for Name, Last Name, e-mail and mobile phone

b. Sign up & Book: Complete the fields for Name, Last Name, Id/VAT number, company, address, phone and e-mail. You must also choose a password.

It is very important that you indicate a correct and operational e-mail address so we can send your voucher.

8. Fill flight numbers, including prefixes (eg. EZY8609), the people travelling (adults, children and babies) and the quantity of luggage you are taking.

a. Fill the full name of the hotel and the accommodation address. Please ensure you have previously selected the right town for your accommodation.

b. You can fill comments field with any additional information you want to communicate. Eg. folding wheelchairs, baby strollers, need to stop to pick up keys, etc.

9. Following screen is a summary with booking details. Please check that everything is correct. If you need to change something you can go back and modify the wrong information. If everything is is right you need to click on the terms accept checkbox and choose the payment method: PayPal or Credit Card. Both are protected maximum security environments so you can make a secure payment.

10. Complete the payment details for your PayPal account or Credit Card. Once payment is done you will receive a confirmation email with your fully-detailed voucher in which you can also find some instructions and information about how to use your transfers.

11. If you need to amend or cancel your booking, please contact us at: Do not forget to add your name and booking reference.


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